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LQFX Technologies was created for the purpose of helping to rid the world of harmful products that may have an adverse affect on people, pets and the planet.  It’s a simple premise:  Why use products at work or home that can harm you, when you can use LQFX Technologies’ non-toxic products that work equally as well or better?  We connect people with all-natural products that will help keep you safe at work and home, at a price you can afford.

Our suite of brands are built upon industry-leading technologies, delivering superior performance and sustainability to Industrial, Commercial, Government, Military, Automotive, Marine, Firearm, Sporting, and Cosmetic industries.

Ready to switch to green?

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Power Gone Green

Our eco-friendly lubricants, degreasers and cleaners help our commercial customers run smoothly, cleanly and safely. Now we’re making the lives of everyday folks easier and safer too, at home, in the garage and at the office.
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Sustainable greens

Our focus is to provide highly effective products that are non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for turf, employees and the entire golf course environment.
Making positive environmental decisions is part of the EarthBorn Solutions DNA.

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